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explore 3d objects in the museum of other things
* by Cappasity Technology

The task of a modern museum is to remove barriers between the exhibit and the viewer. To intrigue, inspire, and create conditions conducive to a unique experience. Adapting the material to attract a new audience – including in virtual space – is a particular focus. And therefore advanced technology becomes an integral part of the life of a museum.
How we did it
There are 4 simple steps to create a 3D object for your art museum website
Record spinning video on your DSLR camera or iPhone
Render your video in Cappasity software on your Mac or PC
Upload your render to Cappasity web cloud
Embed simple HTML code into your website and that is it
Explore beautiful objects in 3D
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This case was created using a method of object processing with Cappasity technology for the Other Things Museum
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