by Igor Kachan
found in Saint-Petersburg, in 1991


dimensions: 8x90x85 cm
weight: 3 kg
— Well, to cut a long story short, I made this because I was too mean to buy one. The thing is, that recently we've become used to always having water, and we haven't been storing it up. And so, if someone goes to the toilet, and there isn't any water, then you need to cover the toilet up with something. But the toilet pan was broken. One of the rods from the seat had broken. I went to the shop, but they cost 25 roubles! 25 roubles – there's no way I was gonna pay that. So I took two brackets, and fixed them onto the seat with bolts. Then I took an inside part of a lamp, and bored holes in it and also attached it. So, I had a kind of double seat (...) But, well, you know, I guess I just didn't think about covering it up (...) But, well, it's not such a great disgrace, to hell with it. Although, it's not too late, I could still fix something on, on the top. We never really appreciate our own labour. I, for example, can spend a whole day on some small job, but, well, it seems to me that it's free. If I can do something myself, then I'll do it for sure – I don't have the means to do otherwise. It's always hard of course. Now, it's difficult to earn money, so it's better to only waste it on stuff you can't do yourself.

Igor Kachan
from Saint-Petersburg
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Found in Saint-Petersburg
Found in Saint-Petersburg
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