автор неизвестен
найдено в Москве, в 1994 году


размер: 124x23x16 см
вес: 3 кг
— I've known this spade for a long time. I've been working here for almost 3 years – it's been here all that time. I should point out that I work for an organization that provides social and medical assistance to people who have fallen to the very bottom. They've lost everything, and our organization tries to help them out a bit (…) A lot of people gather here every morning for appointments. I should also point out that the cleaners don't service our plot because they're afraid of getting infected with something, because amongst our patients there are people suffering from tuberculosis, cholera, hepatitis and dysentery. So, because of this, the sick people have to clean the territory themselves. Our workers ask them to do this, and our visitors do this work with pleasure because, for them, it's a chance to receive extra care, attention, to get fitted out with a uniform and receive some extra medical assistance. Sometimes there aren't even enough tools for everyone, and so some anonymous enthusiasts scrabbled together this spade from a metal crutch and a bit of a shovel. And they use it here. They sweep up rubbish, clean up stuff lying in the snow. So, well, this is strange, a little bit absurd, cobbled together object was the result of their labour and their illnesses.

Александр Сигутин
из Москвы
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Найдено в Москве
исследовать Москву, Россию

Найдено в Москве
исследовать Москву, Россию
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