by Viktor Tabankov
found in Arkhangelsk, in 1968


dimensions: 27x22x18 cm
weight: 1 kg
— This is a lamp, red, that heats, but not from a coil but from an ordinary lamp, which is located here and carries out two functions. First, well, it heats up this area here that holds a tray with developing solution, and then it also illuminates all the photos that we get from there. I, um, made it myself from textolite that was just going to waste. I made it a long time ago, about twenty-five or thirty years ago. I hadn't seen lamps like this in the shops, and I got the idea that I could make one lamp that would carry out these two functions. I made it when I was in the army. I served in Pechenga, that's the North Sea Fleet, and we used these kinds of lamps there. I brought this lamp home and used it to print photos (...) It's made from materials I had on hand. There's nothing special here. I carved it with a fretsaw, drilled the holes, and used a tap and die on them. No big deal, everything's homemade. I made the sketches and diagrams myself too. My friends even made lamps from my plans. They were very happy with them.

Viktor Tabankov
from Pechenga
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Found in Arkhangelsk
Found in Arkhangelsk
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