by Nikolai Karpov
found in Onega, in 1998


dimensions: 3x10x2 cm
weight: 0.01 kg
— This? This is just a semi-finished piece (...) Brass... I really wanted to make one. This is for pike, or so they say in magazines. So the diameter here is 191 mm, and here two radii of 51 mm. And here's the center of gravity. I love metal. I've worked as a welder my whole life. How long? Not counting my time in the army, I've been welding for 30 years. I've welded under argon and all that too. It's my specialty. Yeah, I'm a metal professional. Anything that you put your soul into, well, it makes it that much better. So you can get some large fish with this. I made the original die myself. The guys still have it there, at the factory (...) I'm more into fishing with hooks; I don't do nets at all. I really hate nets for some reason — screw 'em.

Nikolai Karpov
from Onega
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Found in Onega
Found in Onega
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