by Aleksei Galkin
found in Baikonur, in 1983


dimensions: 14x17x9 cm
weight: 0.9 kg
— In the winter of 1983 in Baikonur, in the cold of winter, a young lieutenant, gazing at his young daughter, thought to himself that he should really do something to make the holidays fun for her. He remembered that in the Buran rocket launch facility there were a host of beautiful light bulbs of different colors. And so he gathered them together and made a strand of lights with his own hands. These light bulbs here were for rockets, for flights to the Moon, and what he attached them to was from the Buran facility. The wires, it seems, were from both places. And there you have it. These lights served our family loyally for ten years, and now, in their twelfth year, we want to present them to Volodya, for the museum.

Aleksei Galkin
from Baikonur
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Found in Baikonur
Found in Baikonur
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