by Igor Kachan
found in Saint-Petersburg, in 1990


dimensions: 14x13x7 cm
weight: 0.3 kg
— OK, so one person is able to produce five sounds: drums, maracas, guitar, harmonica, and the fifth sound, a flute, under the harmonica, with a bracket that secures the flute under the harmonica. And so the maracas are made from cans, Fanta cans. There's one here. The container here is small, very small, stuck onto this wooden thing with insulating tape and two rubber bands. One big rubber band is wrapped around your foot, and this small one around your finger. And that makes it impossible to play in your socks. You have to take off your socks (he laughs – editor) or play with socks that have holes(...) This can was given to me (...) by a friend who had gone to Spain for a competition. He brought this can back from there. At that time we didn't have them here. It was in '92 or '91 -- no, a bit earlier (...) I mean it's also interesting…have a look. It's dented, 'cause I often put it on the floor and stepped on it or what have you – so it got a bit dented. I never see these small ones now. If you use a big can it's too heavy to shake. And the inside is filled up with... what're they called? Some small grain…Millet, millet! So, there's your story.

Igor Kachan
from Saint-Petersburg
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Found in Saint-Petersburg
Found in Saint-Petersburg
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